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Beware These “Big Pharma” Traps!

Pharma Rip Off

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Americas Bitter Pill – Obama Care Facts they don’t Want to Talk About

A most revealing interview about Steven Brill’s new book
Americas Bitter Pill
Everyone should read it and send this interview to their politician and ask
for a response. If the response isn’t satisfactory vote for someone else.

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Medical Breakthroughs


5 Lifesaving Medical Breakthroughs
Millions of Americans could soon be reaping rewards from these remarkable technologies
A medical breakthrough, this tiny wireless pacemaker may give heart patients the energy to be more active. — Dan Saelinger

Cancer – Early Detection

Cancer cell R

A new, low cost, early cancer detection device.


Medical Breakthrough Via Cell Phone


This is a very long Smithsonian article, too long to display here. Click here to download Medical Breakthrough

An excerpt from the article:

Episode one of “Star Trek,” Stardate 1513.1. Chief medical officer Leonard “Bones” McCoy beams onto a desolate planet, M-113, with orders to perform a routine physical on Prof. Robert Crater, an ill-tempered archaeologist who wishes McCoy would just go away.

“Doubtless the good surgeon will enjoy prodding and poking us with his arcane machinery,” Crater snipes.
Think again, Crater: Prodding and poking is so last millennium.

Dr. McCoy packs a medical “tricorder.” Wand the body with this hand-held computer, and seconds later it coughs up the particulars of a patient’s condition.

“The machine is capable of almost anything,” McCoy says. As he sweeps the device across Crater’s chest and back, it purrs like a blissed-out electronic cat. In the 23rd century—as pictured by television writers in the late 1960s—that purr was a sign that a very sophisticated machine was working.

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