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Education – What’s wrong

One of the most knowledgeable people on the education system


College Education

George Will

A short video by George Will describing the college education mess.


Schooling – A Different Approach

Teacher Op

One of Joy Hakim’s many wonderful books.

Joy is one of the best authors of school books.

Joy Sciencer

You can visit her website by clicking Joy Hakim.

La Academia is one of the best schools in Denver.

If more schools operated as they do we would all be better off.

They use Joy Hakim’s books. Click image below to view site…

La Academia
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A New way of Teaching Math


A new approach on how tho teach math that makes sense. We will end up
with for more students knowledgeable in mathematics, most useful in today’s world


Computer Tips – Aging Computer Users

CPU ANguish

10 Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing
Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation.

Aging computer users can use Windows to personalize and customize their computers to make them easier to see, hear, and more comfortably use.

As we rack up birthdays, sooner or later we all experience some loss of vision, hearing, or physical dexterity. Fortunately, personalization options in Windows make it easy to adjust your PC.

Here are ten tips from cartoon Brian Bassett on how to counter the effects of aging to make your computer more comfortable to use.

Teaching – What’s Wrong

Prof Op

A TED video on Teaching Science

A lesson to be learned by all teachers and text book publishers

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Schools – Creativity

Prof Op

A TED video on what is wrong with our school system>
Probably one of the most sensible critiques ever

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Satellite Imaging – Of Earth Daily

Earth Space

Above is the current earth image from a satellite..
A new technology changing imaging dramatically.

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AI- Breakthroughs

Google Car R

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World
This article is too long to display here.
To download click here.

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Science – Education

Science JoyR

Everyone interested interested in teaching our children Science must look at this…