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Senior Entrepreneur

For those facing retirement this is a very inspiring story. A short TED video.


Banking – A Cultural Problem

Greedy Banker2

Can Bankers Behave?

Wall Street still has basically the same culture that led to the 2008 crash. But one big firm is trying to change—as government regulators begin to question whether financial institutions can be reformed at all.

The Atlantic article tells like it is. The article is too long to post here. To download cick Can Bankers Behave


Financial Crisis – Another One coming


This TED video tells it like it is.
Send this to every politician you know. Ask for a response




Signs of a Slowdown in Luxury Condos

Manhattan real estate agent Lisa Gustin listed a four-bedroom Tribeca loft for $7.45 million in October, expecting a quick sale. Instead, she cut the price by $550,000 in January. “I thought for sure a foreign buyer would come in,” says Gustin, a broker at Brown Harris Stevens who is still marketing the 3,800-square-foot apartment. “So many new condos are coming up right now. They’ve been building them for the past few years, and now they’re really hurting the resales.”

The Shift And The Shocks

C Rose 2

A Charlie Rose interview on the book The Shift And The Shocks by Martin Wolf.
If you want to know where we are now and might be headed