Islam – For What it Is

An activist of Pakistani Islamic party J

This is an article that stems from some emails between friends.
Below are the emails:


Vince is a friend of mine. Doug is a Brit friend of his. The point of this article is that until the western leaders recognize and acknowledge the fact that the Islamic extremists are not “perverting” Islam but, rather, are following the violent elements of that religion, then we cannot effectively deal with the 15-20% of Muslims who gravitate to those elements of Islam. It emphasizes that the other 80-85% focus on the peaceful elements of Islam and that rationalizing the violence has always been a problem for them. But now that the extremists are acting out their violent beliefs in western countries, it has become a problem for all of us.Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

Interestingly, his hypothesis is that the motivation of Obama, et al is to prevent a backlash against the 80% of peaceful Muslims among us. His thesis is that, because there is no hope that westerners and the 80% can work together to counter the 20% until there is an open discussion about the violent aspects of Islam, this denial by western leaders could eventually put the 80% Muslims living in the west in even greater danger.

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